1. You must conduct an exploratory visit to the community in order to learn more about the community and to discuss your business proposal with the designated community contact. After your visit, you may request a referral from the community.

2. After you receive your referral, you complete and submit an online registration to the BC PNP. The registration includes details about your work and/or business experience, education, language ability, your net worth, and information about your proposed business in British Columbia. After your registration is scored, the BC PNP will invite the highest-scoring registrants to submit full applications to the BC PNP. Registrations are typically scored within four weeks. If invited to apply, you will then have four months from the date of your invitation to submit your application. 

3. Submit a complete application to the BC PNP. You may be invited to attend an in-person interview in Vancouver to discuss details of your application. If your application is approved, you must sign a Performance Agreement that outlines all of the requirements you must meet in order to be nominated. Applications are typically assessed within four months. If your application is approved, the BC PNP will issue you a letter of confirmation (i.e. a work permit support letter) so you may apply for a work permit to IRCC and come to B.C. to implement your business plan. 

4. After obtaining a 24-month work permit, you can begin to implement your business plan, make your investments, and create jobs. Your spouse or common-law partner may apply for an open work permit. 

5. After you meet the terms and conditions of your Performance Agreement, you must submit a Final Report to the BC PNP. If the BC PNP determines you have met all of the criteria from your Performance Agreement, you will be nominated for permanent residence. Final Reports are typically assessed within four months. 

6. Application for permanent residence: you, including your spouse or common-law partner and dependent children (if applicable), may then apply to IRCC to become permanent residents of Canada under the Provincial Nominee class. For permanent residence application processing times, please refer to the IRCC website (Economic Immigration  Provincial Nominees).