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In August, Canada issued 114,250 Study Permits for new international students. Most of them came from India – Canada admitted 34.1% or 38,955 Indian students. 19% of new students arrived from China – 21,690 study permits were issued to them. These two countries provided more than half of the international students in August. The only European country in the top ten countries of students’ origin is France with 7,430 (6.5%) of new students. South Korea was fourth with 3,485 students (3.1%). In the fifth place were the USA and Vietnam with 3,110 (2.7%) students each. The other countries in the top ten are Brazil – 2,330 students (2.0%), Iran – 2,285 students (2.0%), Mexico – 2,145 (1.9%) and Japan 1,770 students (1.5%)  

Saskatchewan already invited 3,077 candidates in October!
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Quebec invited 169 persons
Nova Scotia invited nurses in the NSNP
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Canada issued 26,985 work permits in the International Mobility Program
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The new Express Entry score of 475 is the highest score in 2019!
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