Score - Express Entry
  1. A great IELTS score. (anything more than CLB-9 is a great score). 
  2. Age. The younger you are, the more points you get to score. People older than 30, loose 5 points for every year greater than 30.
  3. Your education. A master’s education adds tonnes of points to your score. Of course, note that your master’s must be done from a university that WES recognizes equivalent to a Canadian degree.
  4. Work experience. Most people choose the Federal Skilled Worker program. So a work-ex of 3 years or more adds points to your overall score.
So if you are younger than 30, have IELTS 8 band (CLB 9) or above, have a master’s degree under your belt and have had a work-ex of at least 3 years then your score must be great.
The cut-off scores are pretty high at the moment, but are likely to reduce in the near future. From our end, all the above 4 points is what we can best hope for.
If you have many dependents on your profile, then your score drops. And if your spouse writes IELTS she can add 16 points straight out to your profile, which can make or break your chances.