You can immigrate to Canada even if you have a low CRS points for Express Entry. But the fact remains that most people who received an ITA for permanent residence in Canada through recent draws scored above 455. However, having a low points should not discourage you from having a profile in the Express Entry pool. 

Once you create a profile and enter Express Entry pool, you will be awarded points on factors that include age, education, skilled work experience and proficiency in English or French. These points will determine your rank in the EE pool and your chances of becoming permanent residence of Canada. EE points are variable and unpredictable. So even if you have less than 455 points, you may get an invitation in a low score round.

Also, you can improve your score while waiting in EE line. 

- Improve your language points by retaking your language test 

- Gaining more work experience

- pursuing study and/or work in Canada.

If you receive a job offer in Canada while you are in the EE pool, you may get an ITA for permanent residence. You also apply through EE PNP (600 points), which allows Canadian provinces to nominate foreign workers and international graduates for permanent residence in Canada via Express Entry-aligned streams.

IF you have profile in EE and and you are eligible for a PNP, you receive a “Notification of Interest” from a province. You will have to apply to the province and if approved, you will receive what is called a provincial nomination which will automatically give you 600 points towards your CRS score and essentially guarantee that you will get invited to apply for permanent residence.