A group of five (G5) is 5 or more Canadian citizens or permanent residents who have arranged to sponsor a refugee living abroad to come to Canada.

Group of 5 can only sponsor applicants who are recognized as refugees by either

  • the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) or

  • the government of the country (foreign state) where the refugee lives

The principal applicant MUST already have refugee status. Having refugee status means that an authorized body (the UNHCR or foreign state) has found the person meets its refugee definition.

  1. Meet the responsibilities listed in the sponsorship undertaking form, including

    1. meeting the refugee when they arrive in their new community

    2. finding housing for them

    3. setting up their new home with basic furniture and other household essentials

    4. giving them food, clothing and other basic necessities

    5. covering the cost of local transportation

    6. helping them feel welcome in their new community

    7. making sure they know about the service providers in their community that can help them